I am a tenure-track assistant professor (‘Juniorprofessorin’) for Comparative Politics at European University Viadrina. I work on conflicts around democracy, immigration, digitalization and patterns of party competition. Most of my research studies European countries, especially Central-Eastern Europe. Next to classical political science methods, I use (and teach) text-as-data, webscraping and various types of digital trace data in my research. Until July 2022, I was a postdoc in political science at the University of Zurich and the Digital Democracy Lab.

You can find information about me, my research, publications and my teaching profile. If you are interested in my teaching, you can also have a look at my example course on text analysis.

Some of the things I’d like you to know about me: I am a co-organizer of the Summer School for Women in Political Methodology. I have been awarded the PolMeth Europe Emerging Scholar Award for Contributions to Political Methodology at the first European PolMeth Conference in March 2021. Previously, one of my papers has won the Best Presentation Award at the European Symposium on Societal Challenges in Computational Social Science and was published by Political Behavior.


  • 08/2022: Our paper ' Democracy challenged: how parties politicize different democratic principles' (with Sarah Engler, Tarik Abou-Chadi & Lucas Leemann)was published in the in Journal of European Public Policy - the paper is Open Access
  • 07/2022: I've started as a tenure-track assistant professor ('Juniorprofessur') for Comparative Politics at European University Viadrina in Frankfurt / Oder. Do reach out if you are around!
  • 06/2022: Our paper 'How the refugee crisis and radical right parties shape party competition on immigration' (with Sophia Hunger), got an issue & page numbers in Political Science Research and Methods - the paper is Open Access
  • 06/2022: 'The (re)politicisation of gender in Western Europe' (with Tarik Abou-Chadi and Magdalena Breyer), is free to download until end of July as one of the most-read articles in European Journal of Politics and Gender - and see the full collection
  • 11/2021: Our book 'Contentious Episodes in the Age of Austerity. Studying the Dynamics of Government-Challenger Interactions' (with Abel Bojar, Swen Hutter and Hanspeter Kriesi) is now published at Cambridge University Press
  • 08/2021: Our paper 'How do populist radical right parties differentiate their appeal? Evidence from the media strategy of the Hungarian Jobbik party' (with Endre Borbáth), was published online by Government & Opposition - the paper is open access and replication material is available online
  • 06/2021: Our paper 'Building Research Infrastructures to Study Digital Technology and Politics: Lessons from Switzerland.' (with F. Gilardi, L. Baumgartner, C. Dermont, K. Donnay, M. Kubli, L. Leemann and S. Müller) was acepted at PS: Political Science & Politics - the [preprint] is available online
  • 05/2021: Our paper 'Social Media and Political Agenda Setting' (with Fabrizio Gilardi, Mael Kubli and Stefan Müller) was published at Political Communication - the paper is Open Access
  • 03/2021: Our paper 'Social Media and Policy Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Switzerland' (with Fabrizio Gilardi, Mael Kubli and Stefan Müller) was accepted at the Swiss Political Science Review
  • 01/2021: Our paper 'No country for Asylum Seekers? How short-term exposure to refugees influences attitudes and voting behavior in Hungary' (with Gergö Tóth and Johannes Wachs) was published at Political Behavior - the paper is Open Access